Brussels and the Grote Markt

When I had imagined Brussels, I really could only picture one place. The most famous square in all of Europe, the Grand Place. Let me tell you, it's pretty darn awe inspiring.

Whenever I go to a place that is this old (think 14th century), I always imagine what it was like back then. What were people doing? What were they wearing? What were they worried about as they wandered through this square. How did they build such amazingly intricate structures with basic tools?

Today this square is full of tourists taking selfies. Tourists getting a Starbucks (there is one in the square and it made me like Starbucks a little less).  A gypsy woman was trying to beg money from tourists with a fake baby, which I found fascinating. It was quite obvious the bundle she was carrying around was not real. 

While we only got to spend a day there, it was still one of the coolest places we visited. I will say it's a pretty gritty city. There is plenty of graffiti and guards walking around with machine guns in the train station. About a month prior to our visit they had a terrorist attack in the underground train station. The beauty of the city definitely comes with it's fair share of ugliness.

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